Copenhagen Ocean Hub is a cross-faculty strategic initiative of the University of Copenhagen to explore the oceans as a societal, political and cultural space and thereby contribute to addressing key problems of governing the seas. The Ocean Hub’s main goal is to provide an intellectual space for the rich community of 30 ocean researchers at the University, to act as an incubator for innovative ocean-related research projects, and to translate our insights to broader Danish and European publics and policy processes.

The Hub is led by the Department of Political Science and the Center for Public Policy, but participants come from across the humanities, social sciences, law and sciences. The Hub continues a rich tradition of human-centered ocean research in the University of Copenhagen (e.g. Waterworlds) and provides a platform for a number of ongoing research projects (funded by, among others, the European Research Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlsberg Foundation, or Velux Foundation).

The hub is led by a steering committee, currently comprised of Christian Bueger (Political Science, co-chair), Carsten Jahnke (Saxo Institute, co-chair), and Beatriz Martinez Romera (Law, co-chair) and Henrik Vigh (Anthropology, co-chair). The hub is coordinated by Felix Mallin (Political Science).

Shore seen from above